Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5

In Hamster Kombat, the Daily Cipher is a Morse code puzzle that changes daily. By solving it, you can earn 1 million Hamster coins.

Here’s how to decode it:

  1. Dot (.): Tap the hamster once.
  2. Dash (-): Tap and hold, then release.

Remember to wait at least 1.5 seconds before entering the second sequence of a letter to ensure the app recognizes it correctly.

Daily Cipher Code for July 5, 2024:

The code for 5th July is STAKE.

S: … (dot, dot, dot)
T: _ (dash)
A: ._ (dot, dash)
K: _._ (dash, dot, dash)
E: . (dot)

More About Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based tapping game that combines strategic gameplay with the earning potential of cryptocurrency. In this quirky game, players step into the role of a virtual crypto exchange CEO – a shaved hamster, to be precise! Here’s how it works:

Gameplay: Tap the hamster to earn coins. Use these coins to upgrade your crypto exchange. Upgrades generate passive income even when you’re offline.

Educational Twist: Hamster Kombat isn’t just fun; it’s educational too. Players learn about crypto while building their empires.

HMSTR Tokens: You can qualify for the HMSTR token airdrop by playing. These tokens have value within the game and may be distributed on the TON chain.

Roadmap: The game’s ambitious roadmap includes in-game wallet connections, a utility for the game token, characters, skins, and live events.

Already addictive for its in-game earnings, Hamster Kombat is a delightful blend of crypto and entertainment!

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