If You Search Someone On Instagram Will They Know? (2022)

Almost all social media platforms offer the search feature and Instagram is no exception to them. With the search option, you can search for people on Instagram.

But, before making a search you may ask yourself “Will they know if I search for someone and open their profile?”.

In this article, you’ll find out if they get notified when you search for them.

Can Someone See If You Search Them On Instagram?

Don’t worry if you have searched for someone before. Instagram will never let them know that you’ve searched them. This data is always confidential and only remains with you. Profiles you’ve searched will be available in your search history and no one can access it unless they check your device.

Even if you search for someone, you need to avoid interacting with their profile. Otherwise, there is a high chance of you being caught. To maintain your anonymity, you must stay away from viewing their stories or liking their posts. Any accidental interaction will alert them that you’re stalking their profile.

Also, if you fear keeping your search history, you can delete them permanently.

How to Delete Your Search History

1. Launch the Instagram app and tap the search icon at the bottom.

2. Tap the search bar at the top.

3. You will now see all the recent searches you’ve made. Tap the x icon next to the search you want to remove.

1. If you want to clear search history at once, tap See All in the top right.

2. Then tap Clear All.

3. Confirm it by tapping Clear All again.

There’s also an alternate way to delete your search history.

1. Tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Tap the three lines in the top-right.

3. Select Your activity.

4. Tap Recent Searches.

5. Tap the x icon to clear the history individually. Tap Clear All to remove them at once.

Can You See When Someone Searches You On Instagram?

No, it’s not possible to find out who searches for you on Instagram. Unlike TikTok, it doesn’t have a feature to track your profile views.

However, if someone who isn’t following you has interacted with your stories or posts, you can be assured that they’ve checked your profile.

There are many apps and services that claim you to show your profile viewers. It is recommended to stay away from such websites as all of them are mostly fake. They just show you some random profiles.

Instagram has kept this activity private so no third-party apps can access the data and show it to you.

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