What Are Notes On Instagram & How to Use It?

As Instagram is among the leading social platforms, it has to keep updated with the new demands and needs of the users to keep it entertaining and appealing. Catering to the new wants and adding to the attractiveness of the app, Instagram has introduced a new feature to the platform. 

The feature we are talking about here is NOTES. Much to our surprise, as soon as the feature was launched, it became a trending discussion all over the internet. While some have figured out what exactly it is, others remain to be a little clueless about it. 

However, this new feature might not be able to make its position strong enough to be a part of Instagram forever. The reason being this is just a test, and not sure if it would stay for long. 

Stay along to know more about the notes feature. 

What are the notes feature on Instagram?

Notes is a new feature introduced by Instagram. The users can see it in their inboxes right above the chats at the top. 

This feature allows users to leave short a message in the form of notes for their friends which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. It can be thought of as a status update that others can see. You can only post notes for your Close Friends or Followers you follow back. Furthermore, the note length cannot exceed 60 characters.

How to use Instagram Notes?

When you open the Instagram DMs, you will see the notes section at the top. If your followers have created notes, you will be able to see there.

If you haven’t added a note yet and want to add it, tap the + icon in the top-left and type your note. Then select who you want to share your note with. You can either share it with your close friends or followers you follow back.

If you have already added a note, it will appear at the first followed by your friends’ notes shown in chronological order (newest to oldest).

You can even delete the note you’ve created. To do so, tap your note, then press Delete note. To change your note, tap Leave a new note instead.

Also, users won’t be notified of any note that has been posted. They will simply see it for the next 24 hours every time they open direct messages.

Instagram Notes feature not showing?

Instagram hasn’t rolled out the feature to all users worldwide. It is still in its testing phase.

If you’re unable to find it on your app, probably the feature is unavailable in your region. Also, make sure to update the app to the latest version as the new features are available only on the updated version.

Can you remove or get rid of the notes feature on Instagram?

If you have got the notes feature, you can’t get rid of it. As of now, Instagram hasn’t provided an option to turn it off.

It’s uncertain whether the feature would stay forever on Instagram. This solely depends on the users’ feedback and reactions.

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