Is TikTok Posting Drafts Automatically in Aug 2022?

TikTok, one of the most used and engaging platforms has been put under several allegations recently. Much to our surprise, several users have claimed that TikTok is lacking in privacy and control settings.

As a result, they have observed that some of their drafts are either removed or directly posted on their profile without their consent. This has steamed up the matter and the concern is all over the internet. Many influencers feared their content being leaked on the platform. 

However, the reply from the TikTok authorities is yet to be heard. 

Is TikTok Posting the Drafts Automatically?

It has not happened with each and every TikTok user. However, several users have found their draft videos going up on their profiles without their consent.

The users have shown their concern and grief via Twitter and Instagram pointing towards the bug. Some users have also written directly to TikTok via customer support and emails seeking a solution to not let it happen again.

Is TikTok Deleting Drafts?

Apart from the automatic posting, several other users are also noticing other issues like the automatic deletion of their TikTok drafts. While some users started to believe that their accounts have been hacked, later on, it was made clear that more than a few users have faced the same, showing the possibility of an in-built defect or bug on the platform.

As of now, there’s no complete evidence of drafts being leaked or deleted automatically.

How to Protect Your Drafts

Unfortunately, not many options are available at the moment to prevent this bug. The most you can do is keep a check on your profile that no unwanted draft video is saved there and keep a copy of a useful draft on your device, in case it gets removed automatically. 

Furthermore, to protect yourself from any glitch, it would be best if you don’t keep anything as your draft and rather remove all of it. Until then, we can only wait for the response from TikTok officials for a better solution. 

Is It True That TikTok Is Getting Banned?

The rumours of TikTok getting deleted from the Play Store and App Store have been around the corner for a while now. Every other day the news pops up of the possibility of the app getting banned. But how much of it is the truth?

There are no legit claims evidencing the ban of the social media platform. Instead, recently TikTok itself took a call and put an end to all by clearly stating that nothing against the app is being conducted and the app will continue to remain in use. Furthermore, it also clarified that any allegation regarding personal information getting leaked is utterly false, and proper care has been taken care of the user’s privacy and security. 

So, the app is not getting banned. 

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