Is the Edit Post Option Gone On Facebook? How to Edit Your Post On iPhone (2022)

Facebook, even after completing so many years in the social media business, has managed to maintain its position. Even though there has been a visible shift of the users to other trending platforms, Facebook has not completely lost its charm. 

From socializing to marketing, Facebook is still counted as one of the most far-reaching platforms to connect with friends and customers. 

The users tend to keep their Facebook timelines updated and even put an effort to make it better than the rest. Irrespective of whether you are posting on your personal feed or to a public page’s feed, putting up a post gets the attention of all. It’s like sharing a part of your life to keep your connection updated. 

So, while uploading a post on Facebook, one gets very careful and attentive. However, there are still chances that you may end up with the wrong post or some errors in it. 

Then, do you need to delete the entire post and start from scratch? Well, not at all. Facebook offers you an edit option enabling you to correct the mistakes and post them again with perfection. Here’s a detailed guide for the same.

How to Edit Your Post On Facebook Using iPhone

New Update August 2022:

Recently, many users reported that they are unable to edit their posts. If you don’t find the “Edit Post” option, here’s what you can do.

1) As of now, the issue seems to appear only on iPhones. So, use an Android device to log into your Facebook account and edit your post.

2) If you don’t have an Android phone, log in to your Facebook account on the web using Chrome or Safari browser. You will be able to edit your post as the option is still there on the web version. “Edit post” is missing only in the Facebook app.

Here’s how the post can be edited if the edit option is available:

1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone.

2. Tap Menu in the bottom right corner.

3. Tap See your profile below your display name at the top.

4. Scroll through your timeline to look for the post you wish to edit.

5. At the top-right of the post, tap the three dots.

6. From the options displayed, select Edit post.

7. You will now be directed to the post like it hasn’t been posted yet. You will get access to all the features which you have while posting for the first time. 

You can add or remove text, delete or edit the images/ GIFs, tag or untag friends from the post and also add feelings to it. You can also choose to make the post public or private while editing.

8. Once you are done with making all the necessary adjustments and edits, tap the SAVE option in the top-right.

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