Facebook Showing Stories From Non Friends – Is This a Glitch?

Facebook remains a prominent platform that connects billions of people across the globe. One of its distinctive features, “Stories”, has become a popular way for users to share snapshots of their daily lives through photos and short videos.

However, some weird app behavior has caught the attention of many users recently: the appearance of stories in the feed from people who aren’t their friends.

You might be wondering how these random stories find their way to your feed. Let’s find out what’s causing this issue.

Why Are You Seeing Facebook Stories From Non Friends?

By default, Facebook only shows stories from your friends in the home feed. However, many users have noticed that they’re seeing stories from non-friends too. This confusion is letting users recheck their friends list to see if they are really following them.

As of now, Facebook hasn’t shared anything about the issue. The appearance of random stories could be just a temporary glitch that may go away in a few hours.

Once the Facebook team identifies and resolves the issue, the app will work fine as usual.

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