How to Turn ON Hotspot On iPhone (2022)

Are you in a place where accessing a wifi network is almost impossible? Well, most of us come across this situation often.

But you don’t need to worry if you have a mobile device with you. You just need to turn a hotspot and connect your device to that personal hotspot. Doing this is simple on Android, but what if you got an iPhone?

If you are a new iPhone user, you might be finding it hard to locate a Hotspot on your device. The process to connect a device to an iPhone’s personal hotspot is slightly more complicated than that in Android.

Let’s find out the way to turn ON the hotspot on your iPhone and connect your other devices to it.

How to Enable Hotspot On iPhone

Whether you’re using an old or a new version of the iPhone, turning on a hotspot remains the same.

As a hotspot requires your phone’s internet connection, make sure to turn off Wi-Fi if it’s enabled on your device. Once you’re done with this, you can proceed further.

1. Turn On your Mobile Data. To do so, open iPhone’s Settings app, tap Mobile Data, then toggle the Mobile Data icon.

2. Tap Personal Hotspot below Mobile Data Options.

3. Turn on Allow Others to Join by pressing the toggle icon. Your Wi-Fi Password will be displayed on the same page.

You can now connect your other devices to your iPhone’s hotspot using Wi-Fi.

Note: It is recommended to stay on the Personal Hotspot page in Settings until your device is connected. Otherwise, if you go back, the hotspot may be undiscoverable.

Although the Allow Others to Join option is always kept ON, you may need to go to Personal Hotspot in Settings if your hotspot isn’t discoverable.

There is also an alternate way to turn on a personal hotspot.

1. Swipe down on the top-right of your iPhone to open the control center.

2. Turn on Mobile Data.

3. Open the Settings app.

4. Tap Personal Hotspot.

5. Press the toggle icon next to Allow Others to Join.

Once the hotspot is turned on, you can now connect your devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

Make sure not to turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone while the hotspot is active, otherwise, all connected devices will be disconnected.

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