How to Cancel YouTube Premium Free Trial On iPhone

YouTube Premium offers a lot of benefits to its users. With Premium, you can watch videos without ads, play videos in the background while browsing other apps, download videos to your device for offline use, and explore ad-free music with YouTube Music.

To take an experience of these benefits, you might have subscribed to its free trial. Well, everyone loves using the free trial of any service, even I.

But, is YouTube Premium worth and should you continue the subscription after the trial ends? The answer may vary from user to user. For most users, the premium might not be worth it.

If you’re here, then I’m sure you aren’t interested in continuing the subscription further. Here’s how you can cancel your YouTube Premium Free Trial on iPhone.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium Free Trial On iPhone

Your subscription can be canceled in two different ways.

Method 1: Using YouTube Application

1. Launch the YouTube app on your iPhone.

2. Tap your profile icon in the top-right.

3. Tap Purchases and memberships.

4. Under Memberships, tap your current Premium Subscription.


6. On the next page, tap NEXT in the bottom right.

7. Select a reason for canceling the membership.

8. Now, follow the onscreen instructions to cancel your premium free trial.

Method 2: Using iPhone’s Apple ID Settings

If you have purchased the trial with your Apple ID, here’s how you can cancel it.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap your profile at the top.

3. Tap Subscriptions.

4. Under the ACTIVE section, you will see YouTube. Tap it.

5. Tap Cancel Free Trial.

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