What Does “Instagram User” Mean On Your DM? (2022)

Are you seeing some of your friends labeled as “Instagram User” in your chats? If yes, what does it mean?

Well, this is a common query that most users have.

I’m sure you’ll understand its real meaning after reading this article.

Instagram User Meaning

Here’s how it looks in your chat. Instead of their name, you’ll see “Instagram User” with a blank profile picture.

It’s easy to find out who is behind that Instagram User. If you tap and open the chat, you’ll be able to see all your previous conversations. Moreover, you may also see their profile picture (if they have one) inside the chat. This will help you identify who the actual user is.

If you press View Profile, this is what their profile looks like.

If they have posted something in their profile, you will see the post count but the post grid will show you No Posts Yet or just a blank screen.

So, what does Instagram User mean?

It means that the profile was once an Instagram user but is not active now.

There are two cases in which an account is considered inactive:

1) Temporarily Deactivated Account:

If someone deactivates their account temporarily, their profile will remain inactive until they log back into their account.

During this period, their account will be shown as “Instagram User”. So, if you see someone’s profile appearing as Instagram User, you can be assured that they may have deactivated their account temporarily.

Once they reactivate their account, their profile will appear normal as usual.

2) Deleted Account:

If someone deletes their account permanently, you’ll see their profile as “Instagram User”.

Account deletion may not be always a user’s choice. Violating Instagram’s terms & conditions may also lead to suspension of the account.


When it says “Instagram User”, it means that the user has either deactivated their account temporarily or deleted it permanently.

To know the actual reason between these two, you may ask your friend using other messaging platforms.

Does Instagram User Mean You’ve Been Blocked?

This question confuses people a lot. They assume that if someone’s profile is shown as “Instagram User”, they are being blocked by them. However, this is not true.

If someone blocks you, their profile won’t appear as “Instagram User”. I have personally tested this with multiple accounts.

So, Instagram User doesn’t mean that you’re being blocked.

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