How to Set Voice Screen Lock

Forget about complicated PINs or patterns! The Voice Screen Lock app lets you lock or unlock your phone using your voice. This article will show you how to set up a voice screen lock easily.

Voice Screen Lock replaces your usual lock screen on your Android phone. It’s handy if you’re in a rush or struggle to remember PINs or patterns. Plus, it’s a cool way to unlock your phone!

Here are some features of the Voice Screen Lock app:

Voice Unlock: Unlock your phone by saying a specific voice command.
Customization: Choose your own background and personalize the app’s look.
Backup and Restore: Backup your voice passwords in case you forget them.
Security: Set a PIN or pattern lock as an extra layer of security.
Multiple Languages: Record voice commands in your preferred language.

Setting up the Voice Screen Lock app is simple:

Download: Get the Voice Screen Lock app from the Google Play Store.
Permission: Allow the app to access your microphone.
Record: Record your voice command in a quiet place.
Optional Security: Set a PIN or pattern lock if you want extra security.
Activation: Make the app your lock screen.
Use: Now you can lock or unlock your phone using your voice command.


Easy and convenient.
Supports multiple languages.


Doesn’t work well in noisy places.
Uses up battery.

In summary, the Voice Screen Lock app is a great choice if you want a simple and secure way to unlock your phone. If you’re looking for a lock screen app that’s customizable and secure, give this app a try!

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