How to Turn OFF Story Notifications on Instagram iPhone (2023)

People share more stories than reels or posts on Instagram. So, it’s obvious to get more frequent story notifications than others.

It’s annoying to see story notifications multiple times a day. As they keep popping up, they might distract you and urge you to repeatedly open the app. Is there any solution to this?

Yes, you can get rid of story notifications on Instagram, and here’s how you can do that.

How to Turn OFF Story Notifications on Instagram

There is no default setting on Instagram to turn off story notifications for all users you follow. You can only disable story notifications for a specific user by visiting their profile. If you have turned on notifications for multiple users, you need to turn them off one by one from their respective profiles.

1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone.

2. Search for the user you want to turn off the story notification.

3. Once you’re on their profile, tap the bell icon in the top right.

4. Tap the blue toggle icon next to Stories.

That’s it. You won’t receive story notifications from that user anymore.

Repeat the same process if you want to disable notifications for other users.

How to Turn OFF All Push Notifications on Instagram Permanently

If you don’t like receiving any push notifications from Instagram on your iPhone, here’s how to disable them permanently.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Using the search bar, search for Instagram and tap it.

3. Tap Notifications.

4. Turn off by tapping the green toggle icon next to Allow Notifications.

Now, you won’t receive any type of push notifications from Instagram. However, you will see some notifications inside the Instagram app in the Notifications section.

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